Why Providence?

Reasons why Providence ES is a great place to work!

Why Work at Providence? 

  • Competition in attracting the best candidates is stiff.  FCPS alone has 140 elementary schools, and the surrounding counties post numerous vacancies each year. Learn some of the reasons why Providence is an amazing place to work!

Teacher Excellence

  • Our teachers are amazing role models and effective teachers.  Whether they’re supporting students in need or enriching the curriculum for those needing challenges, a Providence teacher is an impactful, special kind of educator. 

Professional Development Opportunities

  • For years, we are proud to have been able to offer various P.D. opportunities to all teachers, including training on guided reading, math workshop, cultural proficiency, executive functioning, writing workshop, Responsive Classroom techniques, and the Patterns of  Thinking methodology to name just a few. 


  • PES is home of the award-winning, homegrown engineering-themed STEM Lab program.  21st-century skills is not a buzzword at PES.  We explicitly teach innovator skills to all students through this great program! 


  • Our teachers are committed to working in collaborative teams to plan, analyze data, and create wins for students. 

Support of the City of Fairfax

  • PES is an FCPS school that happens to be in the City of Fairfax. Our unique facility is owned by the City, and we are the beneficiary of extra resources because of our relationship with it.  We receive extra support for various things like technology, teacher training opportunities, and instructional resources. 

Our Kids!

  • Our students are amazing!  We have had a robust Kindness Campaign in effect for years, and it shows in our students.  We are a diverse school whose families boast over 40 languages spoken at home.  Most importantly, the staff’s commitment to teaching thinking skills and our parents’ consistent support nurtures a culture where kids can shine.