Vision & Hearing Screening

October 12, 2018

Vision and hearing screening will be held on Friday, October 12 for all K students and Monday, October 15  for all 3rd grade students, as well as students who are new to Fairfax County. If your child wears glasses, please be sure he/she has them at school on screening day. The purpose of screening is to identify students who need further evaluation because they have difficulty seeing the screening chart or hearing the screening tones.

Parents will be notified by letter if screening results indicate that further testing is needed. Vision and hearing difficulties can interfere with learning. Prompt follow-up of a referral is recommended.

If you like to assist as a volunteer with the screening process, please sign up here  or contact the School Health Staff, Fatima Ataba and Ramissa Aminian, RN at 703-460-4410 or email Your help is much appreciated!